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Welcome to my Web Design page

  • This is the gateway to the websites I have designed. Motto: ‘Keep it simple’.

    To me, a website should be clear and easy to navigate. It is meant to be a source of information not one of frustration! I design and write websites for voluntary groups and small businesses in the Edinburgh area.

    Would you like some bespoke web pages to advertise your business or group? Please contact Tiana

  • Mellow Velo website

    It was the need for a website for the cycle group Mellow Velo that got me into web design. It is continually tweaked and tidied and additions are made at suggestions of Mellow Velo members. Input is from the group as a whole though maintained by me.
    Link: Mellow Velo

    Features - In line drop-down menu, members' section with facility to post notices and comments, edit profile and pay deposits using paypal. Interactive calendar

  • WEA Lothian Womens forum website

    The Workers Education Association (WEA) Lothian Women’s Forum have given me many topics for websites. Each project inspires a completely different design. This section is the front end to the Forum’s website with links in to the other parts. Although there is a link to the WEA Scotland site it is not reciprocated.
    Link: WEA Lothian Women's Forum

    Features - background image, menu buttons.

  • Water of Leith web pages

    Water of Leith – I was organising an historical walk looking at the remains of the old mills along part of the Water of Leith when I went on a two day course in web design. This was the result.
    Link: Water of Leith

    Features - Front page is a menu for rest of site.

  • Extrordinary Edinburgh women web pages

    Edinburgh Women – This project originated as a walk down the Royal Mile stopping at places associated with well-known women and giving a potted history. Originally a joint effort by the Forum, it was then revamped as a talk for a Women Welcome Women Worldwide (5W) gathering in Edinburgh in 2001. This form became the website.
    Link: Edinburgh Women

    Features - Jump menu, composed banner

  • Abolition of slavery webpages

    The WEA Lothian Women's Forum ran a course to run in conjunction with the celebration of 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade. Material was invited to be put on but very little was forthcoming. So this site corresponds to a talk given by me which looked at some influential women in the abolition movement. WEA Scotland did a lot of work round this issue. Images off the Net.
    Link: End Slavery

    Features - Breadcrumb menu, composed banner and side panel

  • Scottish Suffragists web pages

    The WEA in Scotland did a huge amount of work around the 'Gude Cause' campaign celebrating 100 years since the Edinburgh March of 2009 (90 years of suffrage over 30 and 80 years of suffrage over 21). The Lothian Women’s Forum was involved in running a course looking at the history of the movement and this is the website’s core.
    Link: Scottish Suffragists

    Features - three templates, menu library, gradient coloured banners.

  • Dead interesting women web pages

    The WEA Lothian Women’s Forum ran a course entitled 'Dead Interesting Women'. Inspiration came from visiting graveyards. Members researched and published their work in a booklet. This has been transcribed onto the website keeping that colour scheme. Additional material came from the launch of the booklet.
    Link: Dead Interesting Women

    Features - Double column of menu buttons, background images.

  • excuse my dust web pages

    The WEA Lothian Women's Forum ran a course entitled 'Excuse My Dust' where we looked at Scottish women writers who were well known in their time but have largely been forgotten now. Members researched and recorded their work. Link: Excuse My Dust

    Features - background adapted from a power point design, Use of PTO button to reach subsequent pages.

  • WEA calendar website

    The WEA Lothian Women's Forum is hoping to create a new Women's trail in Edinburgh. The first stage being to research a few suitable women and create a calendar to sell and generate interest.

    Link: WEA Calendar

    Features - separate style sheets for printing

  • WEA Breaking the Mould website

    The WEA Lothian Women's Forum took part in the Breaking the Mould project funded by the Lottery. This (initially) had a request to stick to certain colours and the gill sans font. The webpage was set up as a means of encouragement to particpants seeing their work in public before in print.

    Link: WEA Breaking the Mould: Edinburgh

    Features - repeating background developed from a photo, edged font for titles

  • 5W Tweeddale web pages

    Tweeddale – This website arose from a talk I gave for the Women Welcome Women Worldwide (5W) Lanark gathering in 2007. There was meant to be an umbrella website set up but only the front page ever happened. This was submitted as one of 2 websites set up for a 10 week evening class in web design. Link: Tweed Valley

    Features – horizontal and vertical menus, colour identifying sections. Front page has background image with thumbnails as links.

  • Sue Lieberman website

    This is a site set up for a friend and also to be a project for the 10 week evening class in web design in 2007. Sue’s text and pictures, joint design.
    Link: Sue Lieberman

    Features - Jump menu (until 2012)

  • Mayfield Consulting

    Site set up for Sue Lieberman's consultancy business. Sue’s text, joint design. (Still under development.)
    Link: Mayfield Consulting

    Features - Logo scanned from headed paper, then site colours set to match.

  • sheena McLachan website

    Site set up for a friend starting their own business. Sheena's text. Design and pictures jointly done.

    Link: Sheena McLachlan

    Features - horizontal menu, composed banner

  • Bennies Birds

    Mike Bennie wanted a website to advertise his bird watching business. Mike's text, my design.

    Link: Bennie's Birds

    Features - The background of each page is a merged set of layers comprising colour gradients, heading, logo and image vignette.

  • Bacra

    Site originally made on Joomla, which proved to be problematic. Transferred to a new site using Dreamweaver. Text and design are Bacra's.

    Link: Bacra

    Features - Layered images. Untangling automatic code produced by Joomla.
    Automatic email acknowledgement to sending a request.