Late Bloomers - web design and basic IT skills for those venturing on a new tack



Welcome to my workshop

  • Web Design

    I design bespoke websites for small businesses and voluntary groups in the Edinburgh area. The client uses their own words and pictures and has control over the design too.

  • Group Tuition

    I am happy to teach small groups basic computer skills. It can take any on the following formats:
    A course of 4-8 sessions
    A session integated into another course such as literacy skills.
    The session can be for a group with their own laptops sitting round a table, or in a purpose built computer room.

    The content is adapted according to the needs of the participants.

  • Home Tuition

    I give you the opportunity to learn what you want on your own computer.

    Sometimes it is difficult to get to a class, or the computer at the library is different to the one you have at home. When you are a beginner, these things are offputting and the barrier to the on-line world grows ever greater. Home tuition helps you gain confidence in your IT skills.

    Have you bought some new software that is not user friendly? Two heads are better than one, I can help you unfathom it.

  • PC Maintenance

    There is more to Maintenance than dusting your PC. In fact, you should put that yellow duster away immediately! I can advise you on ways to keep your computer dust free, your data organised, secure and backed up. I can also help you solve unexpected problems as they arise and advise on upgrading or buying software and hardware for your computer.

  • Ad hoc IT support

    I can also amend code in pl/sql, Oracle forms, html and php for small business systems.