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Welcome to my PC Maintenance page

  • There is more to Maintenance than dusting your PC. In fact, you should put that yellow duster away immediately! There are several ways to keep you and your PC on good terms. Here are some of the easier ways to keep trouble at bay. Understanding your PC can help you become familiar with these routines. I can also help you untangle any problems as they arise and advise on the best course of action.
    Motto: 'Keep it Clean'.

    Are you interested and live in the Edinburgh area? Please contact Tiana

  • Cleanliness

    clean up your PCIt is not necessary to scrub down your PC once a week, or even once a month but it should be kept away from a heat source and away from excessive dust - and that includes the cat! The fans in computers are there to keep the components cool, so paper, boxes etc. should not be blocking the vents.
    Like your spectacles, the screen appreciates a wipe with a lint-free cloth or special screen wipe, occasionally. Likewise the keyboard. You can buy special wipes, even a mini-hoover for those prone to eating while working, but a damp lint-free cloth will usually do the job.
    If the fans sound laboured they probably need cleaning, but you may prefer to leave that to your PC Doctor.

  • Organisation

    organise your PC Your personal files are best kept in folders under 'My Documents'. You then only have to search in one area for that missing letter. If the folders have meaningful titles such as 'utility bills', 'recipes' or 'holidays' etc. then that reduces the searching still further.

    Likewise your pictures are best kept under 'My Pictures' and music under 'My Music'.

  • Maintaining your PC

    maintain your PCIf you use your PC a lot, surfing the Web and updating your documents, then your PC is likely to get cluttered and start to slow down. It is a good idea to clear out the temporary Internet files and cookies left behind from your searches. If you have a PC or an older laptop defragmenting your hard drive (tiding the files so all the contents of one file is in one place) is also a good idea. Newer laptops access data differently so this task is no longer necessary or beneicial.

  • Security

    Keeping your computer clean:
    anti virus and malware securityKeep your passwords safe and keep them different. Many sites require you to have a username and password. If it is only to browse the site or look up a post code, then a simple password is OK, but if you are giving monetry details to the site eg buying tickets, then having a strong (not just letters) password is essential. Also you should have a different password for each of your 'strong' sites. If you have so many that it is difficult to recall them easily, then having a paper copy hidden away from the computer saves keeping asking for password resets.

    Is your anti-virus software up to date? Are your automatic updates set to run automatically? If these are set up correctly then you should be trouble free. However accidents happen even to the most careful. An infected email or a senior moment and you click the wrong link... The computer is unlikely to crash but there will be the odd message or three and the machine will slow to a crawl as the malware or virus takes hold. The longer its left the worse it will be. Most anti-virus software can knock these out if caught early.

  • Backup your files

    backup your filesBusinesses, of course, back up their files on a regular basis, but as home users we can easily forget. Our work is 'not important' or 'I will do it next month' are the excuses we use. Then the hard drive crashes. Oh, how we wish we had got round to it! Copying your files to a memory stick is the simplest way of giving yourself a backup but if you are a keen photographer or music lover buying an external hard drive and copying your finished work 'as and when' may be your preferred option.

  • Troubleshooting

    troubleshoot your PCNow in spite of your best efforts, the unexpected happens. A strange message, slowing up, looking different. It could simply be a new version of a (once) familiar website or an upgrade to your software. But then again it may not. If you are worried, but not worried enough to cart your PC to the shop, then give me a call and we can decide whether it is a quick fix (such as new ink for the printer) or whether it's more serious.

  • Learn more about your PC

    repair  your pc

    Sometimes something goes seriously wrong. The technology is changing all the time. New software needs more space than the older, so If your computer has given you many years service, it slows up considerably. More memory can be bought or the hard drive can be replaced with a larger one. You may want to buy a bigger screen or you may wish to upgrade to the latest 'Windows' system. All of these I can help you with.

  • PC Doctor

    Macfriendly IT

    If you know you have problems, for instance if new toolbars have suddenly appeared or you are diverted to strange sites or it keeps freezing then its likely that you've been infected with a virus or spyware and it needs to be removed.

    Or, if you have a MAC that needs fixing then take a look at a fellow Late Bloomer's site MacFriendly IT and contact Steve.