Late Bloomers - web design and basic IT skills for those venturing on a new tack



Welcome to my Group Tuition page

  • Although primarily an Edinburgh based home tutor, I am happy to teach small groups basic computer skills. This can be as a course of 4-8 sessions or a session integated into another course such as literacy skills.

    The session can be for four people with their own laptops sitting round a table, or for eight in a purpose built computer room.

    The content is adapted according to the needs of the participants.

    Does your group need a tutor? Please contact Tiana

  • getting started

    Getting Started

    Never let the computer know you are in a hurry!
    Find your way around the computer
    Familiarlise yourself with the Keyboard and mouse
    Understanding what Windows is all about
    The taskbar and other icons

  • surfing the net

    Surfing the Web

    Accessing information and using the search engines
    Bookmarking your favourite sites
    Finding timetables and buying tickets

  • send and receive emails

    Send and receive emails

    Setting up an account in Microsoft Outlook
    Creating and sending a simple email
    Attachments, spell check and other enhancements
    Dos and don'ts, security and spam
    Organize your mail

  • using Microsoft Word doc

    Letters and documents

    Creating and saving a document in Microsoft Word
    Changing the style
    Formatting the layout
    Inserting pictures and lists
    Printing it off

  • using Microsoft Excel


    What is a spreadsheet
    Creating and saving a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel
    Changing its appearance
    Adding a column of figures
    Linking pages and simple formulae

  • organising digital photos


    Organising on your PC
    Using Picasa or Flickr
    Emailing and uploading
    Basic Photoshop skills

  • organise your pc

    Organising your PC

    Where to find and save your work.
    Creating folders and moving files
    Passwords and security
    Setting up your own user
    Backing up your data

  • security


    What is Malware, spyware, and all the other 'wares'.
    Anti-Virus and anti-malware software
    Recognising fake sites and bogus emails
    Hoax calls - who can you trust?
    Keeping your computer clean.